Convenient App Development Tools

Build crossplatform applications

Write once deploy everywhere

Use Javascript, Typescript &
powerfull open source Qt® technology

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  • JAVASCRIPT -  engine with ECMAScript 7  suport.
  • TYPESCRIPT - write your modules in Typescript.
  • CHROMIUM 69 WEBENGINE - get the web in your application.
  • GAMEDEVELOPMENT - with QML and Javascript you can develop games.

What is Cute IDE?

Cute IDE is a set of tools for ease developers live.

These are goals for Cute IDE

- be beginner friendly
- provide hassle free setup
- improve usability
- attract more developers to Qt® technology

QML syntax highlighting

We just started

Check out our
QML syntax highlighting & snippets
extension for VSCode

Cute IDE

Build on successfull
VSCode editor

Cute IDE uses powerfull extension system
of Visual Studio Code 
and custom tools
to ease development
of applications.